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Gavin Nelmes-Crocker gavin at NETERGY.COM
Wed Dec 18 19:07:26 GMT 2002

> Gavin Nelmes-Crocker wrote:
> >>Is your interface mainly for editing MailScanner.conf or will it also
> >>allow you to edit rules files, etc.?
> >>
> >>Are you going to try and allow an email user to modify their settings?
> >>Settings being: viruscan, spam filter, spam score, spam action, etc.
> >
> >
> > what we have done for the virusscan rules and others is use a mysql
> > database - put a php frontend and then use some php running as cron
> jobs to
> > create the actual files from the database then do a Mailscanner
> reload and
> > its all updated.  I suppose you could do the same the mailscanner
> config but
> > it would be a long winded way of doing it as there is lots of stuff
> that you
> > never change.
> >
> Any chance that you might be able to release these scripts?

yep absolutely - I have only been able to put the system together due to
Julian's hard work and the help of this list community when asked.

Releasing the scripts is the least I can do - let me tidy them up (i.e.
remove logons and passwords and make some of the stuff more obvious) and
I'll post them later tonight along with a brief how to.  Its actually really
easy just a bit of lateral thought.  I would love one for the
mailscanner.conf file though.


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