Max SpamAssassin Size question

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Tue Dec 17 21:13:29 GMT 2002

Also of note, it's inadvisable to run any such huge files through
SpamAssassin without carefully considering the consequences, the load on
the CPU from doing so is very high and you run the risk of backlogging your
mail queue if your server gets a lot of email.

If you honestly have a spammer sending you >10mbyte emails, you need to
start taking some very drastic measures to ensure they are shut down. I've
received some "large" ones, which have embedded images and such, but >10MB
is pretty insane.

  It's also quite unlikely that a real spammer would send such a mail,
since it would take longer for them to send it and increase the chances of
their mail being shut down before the thousands (or millions) of copies of
the email could be delivered. Even on a 45mbit/sec T3, that's about 2
seconds of full-wire-speed per email to be delivered. Such things don't go
un-noticed if there's a lot of them. Even a mere 10,000 email exchanges
would take 5 hours to complete. If my mailserver was chewing up that much
bandwidth, for that long, you can be sure it would be a giant red flag.

>>   How can I scan all messages no matter what the size?
>Only by setting a very large max limit.
>Julian Field
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