<<<No Message Collected>>> [Was Re: SYSERR(root): readqf: cannot open ./df*]

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Tue Dec 17 15:48:33 GMT 2002

> I originally thought this was unrelated - but I now suspect 
> that mailscanner and sendmail are racing each other to grab 
> messages from the mqueue.in queue.  I'm guessing that for 
> each mail recieved one of four things happens...
> 1) Mailscanner sees the mail quickly and processes it normally
> 2) Sendmail sees the mail quickly and delivers it without 
> being scanned
> 3) Both see it around the same time, mailscanner trys to 
> process and sendmail trys to deliver, but mailscanner picks 
> up the body before sendmail causing sendmail to replace the 
> body with '<<<No Message Collected>>>' and log an error.  The 
> outgoing sendmail alo attempts to deliver the message (after 
> scanning) but it is silently discarded by the Exchange server 
> which incoming mail is forwarded to [Big guess there!].
> 4) Both see it around the same time, mailscanner trys to 
> process and sendmail trys to deliver, but sendmail gets the 
> body first causing mailscanner to log an error to the console 
> when it trys to cat the file.

I have now managed to prove some of this.  I stopped the mailscanner and just started a sendmail -bd -ODeliveryMode=queueonly -OQueueDirectory=/var/spool/mqueue.in
I was able to watch mail queue up, then occaisionally a message would be delivered straight out of the mqueue.in queue.

I guess the good news is that this is not being caused by mailscanner itself! (Julian apologies for any time you've spent looking for this)  Anyone got any ideas?

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