Solaris File handles

Mike Dunderdale mdunder at GE.UCL.AC.UK
Tue Dec 17 11:53:21 GMT 2002

> And if you get lost in all that, here's the important bit:
> >You can reset the limits in the /etc/system file as follows:
> >
> >set rlim_fd_cur = 1024
> >set rlim_fd_max = 8192
> >If you put the above in the /etc/system file, users will have a default of
> >1k open files and be able to set their own limit up to 8k.
> I would advise values of something like
> set rlim_fd_cur = 8192
> set rlim_fd_max = 16384

Remember that you'll need to reboot - and to copy the system file to
somewhere else in case of mistakes.. - you can choose the old one on
startup to recover your system


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