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Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Dec 16 16:10:25 GMT 2002

At 16:04 16/12/2002, you wrote:
>I think I will need to re-compile sendmail to add this feature...  Thanks
>for the information.

I doubt it, you probably just need to find the sendmail.mc file for your
system and rebuild the sendmail.cf from that.

> >>> mbowman at UDCOM.COM 16/12/2002 15:13:13 >>>
>Er - you should already have one by default.
>It is in /etc/mail
>Create it in vi or pico (of your preferred editor) then once saved type
>makemap hash virtusertable<virtusertable
>Then restart sendmail
>You may want to spend a few minutes and look at
>http://www.sendmail.org/virtual-hosting.html which has very useful info on
>Virtual Hosting
>sorry to be so ignorant... where would I create this virtusertable file?
>in /etc/mail ?
> >>> mbowman at UDCOM.COM 16/12/2002 15:01:54 >>>
>If a user was on a local domain (for example an ex-employee) you could set
>this up in /etc/mail/aliases
>fred:     fred at aol.com
>Save the changes then type newaliases -v
>If it was a different domain. virtusertable is the answer
>fred at abc.com   fred at aol.com
>for an entire domain
>@abc.com  @aol.com
>I am a new MailScanner user and I am very impressed with it to say the
>Can someone help on a slightly off topic issue?  We use MailScanner to scan
>mail then it relays it to our main mail server, a GroupWise system on
>Netware box, with an entry in /etc/mail/mailertable. All works well. But we
>would like to use the opportunity of the unix box on which MailScanner runs
>to take care of some of the re-direction we need to do for people who have
>left us. I am not very good with unix, but I now that in normal
>circumstances, putting the entries in /etc/aliases would allow us to
>re-direct the mail to the outside world. Unfortunaley, no entries in
>/etc/aliases seem to work - probably because of the entry in mailertable.
>Is there something I can do to be able to use /etc/aliases?

Julian Field
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