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Stephe Campbell campbell at CNPAPERS.COM
Mon Dec 16 15:51:47 GMT 2002

This is a repost of a problem I've been having making MailScanner and SpamAssassin work as I thought it should work. I'm hoping someone else has seen this problem or can explain what should be happening. I really hate the fact that I just can't seem to comprehend and must flood people with questions. It's not my style.

I have a RedHat 7.3 box using sendmail. I have installed MS 4.10-1 (upgraded) with SA 2.43-2 , both from RPMs. I have yet seen where SA is using ORDB-ORG to assign any scores. I'm assuming MS does use it, though, base on the header I receive. What I'm wanting to do is have SA assign my score whenever it finds mail to the ORDB-RBL (RCVD_IN_RELAYS_ORDB_ORG) the same as any other fault it finds. A sample of the header when it does find a hit in ORDB-RBL (I assume this is what it means) follows:

X-MailScanner-SpamCheck: spam, ORDB-RBL, SpamAssassin (score=-0.8,

I'm assuming the ORDB-RBL means MS found a hit.

Another header without the reference would show the string "not spam, SpamAssassin (score ..". I assume this means there was not a hit in ORDB-RBL.

I have in my MailScanner.conf file the line

Spam LIst = ORDB-RBL

I have in my spam.assassin.prefs.conf file


Yes, I am checking in both places until I get this worked out. I deliver files below 6.0 and delete 6.0 and above, until I get this solved. Both of these names appear to be defined in the proper files (although I admit to not understanding the format of the RCVD_IN_RELAYS_ORDB_ORG statements in /usr/share/spamassassin/20_*).

What is being overlooked (by me or the configuration). My log files indicate occassional timeouts for the ORDB lookup, but never more than once.

Can anyone explain the problem to me or define where I am going wrong? Sorry for my ignorance.

Steve Campbell
campbell at
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