f-prot and tmpfs ( was Re: incoming directory)

Leland J. Steinke steinkel at PA.NET
Fri Dec 13 14:51:57 GMT 2002

Julian Field wrote:
> At 17:58 12/12/2002, you wrote:
>> We have found that f-prot does not descend directory hierarchies on
>> tmpfs partitions.  We don't know if it sees the zero size of the
>> directory and passes or what.  It is a bit frustrating.
>> We are getting ready to call f-prot, but wanted to see if anybody else
>> has seen this behavior.
> Check that the path in your MailScanner.conf "Incoming Work Dir" is the
> real path, and doesn't contain any links. If that still has a problem, then
> it's not MailScanner.

Actually, we observed this behavior completely outside of MailScanner.
We used MIME-Tools to explode an infected message in a tmpfs partition,
ran "f-prot ." in the base directory, and saw no results.  If we copy
the same hierarchy to a normal disk partition, the same command produces
the correct results.

I think it is an f-prot bug.


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