ANNOUNCE: Version 4.10-1 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Dec 12 22:17:57 GMT 2002

At 21:42 12/12/2002, you wrote:
>El Tuesday 03 December 2002 04:49, usted escribió:
> > Morning all,
> >
> > I have just released version 4.10-1.
> >
> > Most important in this new version are the addition of Exim support, and
> > the addition of a package designed for SuSE Linux 8.0 and 8.1.
>Sorry only now have read this one.
>That's the problem when one is too busy :-((
>That support for SuSE, it it only for 8.0 or greater?
>No hope for 7.3 users?

How many SuSE 7.x users are there? If it's a lot different from 8.x then 
I'm going to have to do a fair bit of work to get it going. Are there lots 
of you that would like me to do this?
Julian Field
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