Announce: mailscanner-mrtg version 0.03 is out!

Mike Zanker mike at ZANKER.ORG
Thu Dec 12 21:47:47 GMT 2002

On 12 December 2002 13:06 -0600 Dale Lovelace <dlovelace at HOTELS.COM>

>   Proud to announce a new version of mailscanner-mrtg that should fix
> up most everyone's problems so far :-) Big thanks to everyone who has
> sent in a suggestion or patch! If you have sent in a suggestion that
> hasn't been implemented, trust that I am looking into it.

Hi Dale - just wondering why you've chosen such a large value for
iptraffic maxbytes in the .cfg? That would seem to scale it against
Gigabit ethernet. For 10 Mb/s ethernet I usually use 1250000.



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