Announce: mailscanner-mrtg version 0.03 is out!

Dale Lovelace dlovelace at HOTELS.COM
Thu Dec 12 19:06:10 GMT 2002


  Proud to announce a new version of mailscanner-mrtg that should fix up
most everyone's problems so far :-) Big thanks to everyone who has sent
in a suggestion or patch! If you have sent in a suggestion that hasn't
been implemented, trust that I am looking into it. 

  Here is the changelog for version 0.03:

0.03    Variable at the top of mailscanner-mrtg to point to the config
                thanks to Kris Stumpner for this tip!
        Add the MailBytes graph
                Thanks to Richard Lynch for this tip!
        Add Server Ethernet Traffic Graph
                Thanks to Mike Kercher for this tip!
        Add a file to /etc/cron.d instead of a line to /etc/crontab
                Thanks to Richard Keech for this tip!
        Added note to the index page to click on the graphs
        Change layout and size of index page
        Using Strict now.
                Thanks to Stijn Jonker for this tip and patch!
        Made most regex's case insensitive
                Thanks to Mike Zanker for this tip!
        Added debugging code to the GetUpTime() sub
        Die if various things not in $Config array
        Fix GetUpTime() to work with Slackware
        Got really confused and forget what else I added :-)

  As always mailscanner-mrtg is available in Red Hat RPM format and
.tar.gz  from:

  (here's crossing my fingers that it works :-)

  Dale Lovelace


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