Mailscanner v4.10-1 loosing characters in email body!!!

Jørgen Giversen jorgen at GIVERSEN.NET
Thu Dec 12 18:20:32 GMT 2002

Michael Szabados skrev:

> There is a problem with MailScanner v4.10-1. After upgrading to it 
> only a few days ago our users started complaining that their emails 
> were missing the first 2 -12 charcters, of first line of their email 
> msg body. For eg users are seeing this:
> lo, hows it going?
> instead of
> hello, hows it going?
> We are running 4.10-1 with Exim, dont know if that makes much of a 
> difference, but after disabling MS on our server everyones e-mail 
> returned to normal and all our users have been happy campers now for 
> the past 12hrs.
> -Thanks

I have the exact same problem when I use the "Sign Clean Messages =  
yes" option. If you use this option turn it off  until the problem is 
fixed. It seems to be an Exim related problem.

Best regards
Jørgen Giversen

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