User customizable error messages

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Dec 10 23:28:21 GMT 2002

At 23:15 10/12/2002, you wrote:
>         While looking over the Config file it struck me that as an end
> user, I
>might want to specify my own error message for certain error events.
>How hard would it be to say instead of getting a rules file of files to
>use based upon the user, we were able to specify that a string would be
>returned instead of a file name?  This way, the users custom error
>message could be stored in a database, etc. and you don't have to do
>anything different except know not to try and open the returned string
>unless I specify it is a filename.

Interesting idea.
Would it not be faster to regularly re-create the files from the database
contents, and generate the ruleset automatically. Whenever you get a change
you could kill -HUP the process group. Or else just set the "Restart Every"
time fairly small so the configs are re-read more frequently.

I admin that doing the database lookups "live" looks appealing, but it
isn't the fastest solution.

I'll take a look though and see how possible this is to implement.
Julian Field
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