Virus detection

Ron Campbell rc at ITSS.NERC.AC.UK
Tue Dec 10 17:41:16 GMT 2002

  we are (temporarily) running MailSweeper behind MailScanner. I dont
know if anyone else has ever done this but it seemed a useful test to
do when we had the chance ? Both are running Sophos (this months CD and
hourly IDE updates).

Clearly, we expect that MailSweeper should not detect any viruses at all
in this situation. Guess what !! It found a couple of Klez-H which
MailScanner missed.  I am told that Klez-H has been in Sophos
since March so  it is not an update problem.

Any suggestions ?

This is MailScanner 4.05-3

                            Thanks ...  Ron

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