file descriptors on FreeBSD

Craig Bates c.bates at COMNET.CO.NZ
Mon Dec 9 19:34:32 GMT 2002


Your suggestion seemed to solve the problem for about 6 hours and now it is 
doing the same thing again:(  I also rebooted the box after I made the 
changes.  MailScanner processes are also dying again.  So I'm sure that the 
problem of MailScanner dying and Sendmail complaining are one and the same 

Julian, maybe MailScanner should do the same checks that Sendmail does when it 
starts (would make it easier to debug).

Is it possible that something is using up resources and after a few hours, 
nothing is left?



On Monday 09 December 2002 10:47, you wrote:
> >So I'm assuming that the file descriptors problem is related to
> > MailScanner dying every now and then.  I have recently installed two new
> > FreeBSD4.7 servers and installed MailScanner on both and both have this
> > problem, so it is not hardware.
> >
> >Sendmail does not give this error on every message, only a few per day. 
> > Are there any FreeBSD experts out there?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Craig
> Craig,
> Put the following in /etc/sysctl.conf:
> kern.maxfiles=65536             # System-wide limit
> kern.maxfilesperproc=32768      # Per-process limit
> and add the following to your mailscanner/mta startup scripts:
> ulimit -n 32768
> That should take care of any file descriptor issues on FreeBSD.

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