Announce: mailscanner-mrtg new version 0.02

Dale Lovelace dlovelace at HOTELS.COM
Sun Dec 8 21:59:07 GMT 2002

  Thanks to everyone who sent in a suggestion or a fix. I have put
together a lot of those suggestions and (I think) all of the fixes
people have sent me. Here is the changelog for version 0.02:
0.02    Add this changelog :-)
        Add GPL text to the top of /usr/sbin/mailscanner-mrtg
        Add descriptions to files in incoming and outgoing queue MRTG
        Change Virii legend from "percentage" to "virii"
        More comments in /usr/sbin/mailscanner-mrtg
        Changed the way I match rejects from sendmail
                was /reject=550/ now /reject=55\d/
                thanks to Mike Kercher for this tip!
        Changed the virus regex to /found (/d+) viruses/ from
                /found (/d+) viruses in/
                thanks to Richard Lynch for this tip!
        Added some more to the README doc
        Added a <TITLE> to the MRTG index page
        Added config file options to allow you to scan your entire
                maillog file instead of just entries from today
                Scan Entire Mail Log, Scan Entire Spam Log,
                and Scan Entire Virus Log
        Changed the GetUpTime sub to work when uptime < 1 day
                Thanks to Kris Stumpner for this tip!
        Changed the mailscanner-mrtg-cfg MRTG config file
                s/Interval: 300/Interval: 5/
                Thanks to Kris Stumpner for this tip!
        Add mailscanner-mrtg.include to the end of Apache's httpd.conf
                so Virtual Websites can see these results
                Thanks to Mike Kercher for this tip!
        Add INSTALL-TARGZ file in docs for installing from a tarball
0.01  First release i.e. EVERYTHING is new :-)
  Once again this is located at
  Thanks again to everyone who is helping me improve this. Suggestions
(and especially patches :-) are always very very welcome!
  Dale Lovelace
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