rmp and MIME problem with update

Rein Laaneser rein23 at HOT.EE
Sun Dec 8 21:28:30 GMT 2002

OS: Redhat 7.3, kernel 2.2.16
perl: 5.6.0
mailscanner: 3.22.11

I am trying to update my MailScaner to version 4.10.1

Missing File /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/noarch/perl-***
May be it did not build correclty?
   (and this error message is repeating for every rmp included in this package)

error: failed dependencies:
     perl-MIME-tools >= 5.4.111 is needed by mailscanner-4.10.1
I tried also manually with rmp for every 10 perl-*.src.rpm with command
rpm -i

Somehow if after this i will do
rpm -q perl-Convert-TNEF (and other packages)
then answer will be:
  package is not installed

rpm is ver. 4.0-4

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