Announce: mailscanner-mrtg extensive monitoring for MailScanner machines

Dale Lovelace dlovelace at HOTELS.COM
Sun Dec 8 17:12:35 GMT 2002

  It runs every 5 minutes, and yes it does a slope until midnight when
it drops back to zero. We have found that is really good for seeing how
many mails you have relayed and spam you have caught every day. Once you
have a week or so of MRTG data you can see that it is very nice to
compare how many came through each day by looking at the slopes of the
weekly graph. 

  It only parses log entries from "today", since I only rotate my logs
once a week.

  MRTG is supposed to be able to do what you are talking about, and
figuring the difference between two stats, but I have not tried it...


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At 09:39 AM 12/8/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>   I would have last nigh, but the installation is a little tricky. I
> probably just put out a .tar.gz today with instructions to manually
> install, then try to work on an install/uninstall script next week.
>   If you have luck with RRDTool and running on a non-linux os please
> me know!
>   Dale

Is this script designed to be run once every XX minutes or just once a
day?  The reason I ask is I am struggling to figure out how to take a
file that spans 24 hours and read the stats in every XX minutes and have
the script know where it "left off" so to speak.  If the script starts
the beginning of the log file every time, that means the results it
will always be cumulative, e.g. if at 8:00AM there have been 100 viruses
found, at 9:00AM it may return 110 viruses found.  Are you relying on
to "take the difference" between the two values and graph it
accurately?  Otherwise, the graphs will always look like a upwards slope
that drops to 0 every 24 hours when the logfile rotates..


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