Logging of destination domain

Sun Dec 8 16:18:31 GMT 2002

At 09:45 AM 12/8/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>   The maillog converter I am working on does this correctly now. I expect
> to release this later this week. I am converting the maillog to a common
> log format like the maillog2commonlog.pl script on the analog page
> www.analog.cx, except this one works :-) and it turns the spam mail into
> 404 errors. Then you can run the converted log through analog, and get
> all of the sort of statistics you are talking about.
>   I am using this on my machine now, but it just needs a little cleaning
> up and packaging.
>   Dale

Are you working off of /var/log/maillog or a sendmail log?  I use exim, so
hopefully its not the sendmail log you're parsing ;)


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