Announce: mailscanner-mrtg extensive monitoring for MailScanner machines

Dale Lovelace dlovelace at HOTELS.COM
Sun Dec 8 04:17:50 GMT 2002

  I have put together a set of scripts and configuration files to use
MRTG for extensive MailScanner monitoring. mailscanner-mrtg is free
software under the terms of the GPL.
  mailscanner-mrtg provides configuration files, web pages and related
perl scripts for mrtg to monitor your MailScanner
( machine. With it you will be able to
monitor things like:
Mail Relayed
Spam Identified
Virii Caught
Copies of Sendmail Running
Copies of MailScanner Running
Files in incoming queue
Files in outgoing queue
Memory (Ram) Used & Free
Load Average
CPU Utilization
Disk Space Used in /
Disk Space Used in /var/spool/
  And more coming soon!
  Many items can be configured in mailscanner-mrtg by editing the
/etc/MailScanner/mailscanner-mrtg.conf file.
  For most RedHat 8.0 & 7.3 machines no configuration should be
necesary. Merely install this package and point your browser to
  Mailscanner-mrtg is available now for download at
  Please assist me in making mailscanner-mrtg a better monitor by
sending all improvements back to me!
  Also coming soon: a maillog converter that can be run through analog
  Dale Lovelace
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