FriendlyGreeting is Expanding

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at
Thu Dec 5 23:02:41 GMT 2002

Because the messages now reference well over a dozen domains. Of course, they
have the ability to create even more subject lines than they have domains, so
I'm not sure what a winning strategy would be here. You might be right that we
should go after the domains instead of the subject line. I sure would like to
think we have a handle on this before the next one hits - it can make a pretty
big mess pretty quickly.


Peter Nitschke wrote:

> So why not just use.. ? :
> body    FRIEND_GREETINGS        /
> describe FRIEND_GREETINGS       Nasty e-card etc
> score   FRIEND_GREETINGS        100.0
> Peter
> >*********** REPLY SEPARATOR ***********
> >
> >On 4/12/2002 at 2:17 PM G. Armour Van Horn wrote:
> >I just ammended spam.assassin.prefs.conf as we got some more of these
> >through today:
> >header   FRIEND_GREETINGS   Subject =~ /you have an E-Card from/i
> >describe FRIEND_GREETINGS   Nasty E-card from
> >score    FRIEND_GREETINGS   100.0
> >header   FRIEND_GREETINGS2      Subject =~ /you have a greeting card
> >from/i
> >describe FRIEND_GREETINGS2      Nasty E-card from
> >score    FRIEND_GREETINGS2      100.0
> >header   FRIEND_GREETINGS3      Subject =~ /you received an e-card
> >e-mailed/i
> >describe FRIEND_GREETINGS3      Nasty E-card from
> >score    FRIEND_GREETINGS3      100.0
> >

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