Top Ten Spam/Virus

Gerry Doris gerry at
Thu Dec 5 15:16:01 GMT 2002

Sophos has compiled the top ten spam/virus list below.  More details on
their website for the interested...

The full top ten for November looks like this (percentages shown reveal
total number of reports accounted for by each e-mail).

1. JDBGMR (22 percent)
2. Budweiser frogs (11.5)
3. Meninas da Playboy (7.9)
4. Hotmail hoax (5.5)
5. A virtual card for you (5.0)
6. Bonsai kitten (3.5)
7. Mobile phone hoax (3.2)
8. Frog in a blender (2.8)
9. Bill Gates fortune (2.5)
10. World Trade Center survivors (2.1)

What I can't understand is why the Nigerian spam doesn't rate.  I'm
getting as high as 4-5 per day and an average of about 1-2 per day in
various flavours.


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