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Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Dec 4 11:50:32 GMT 2002

At 11:43 04/12/2002, you wrote:
>Does mailscanner read a rulset file from top to bottom or will it stop at
>the first match?

It depends on the variable affected by the ruleset. Most are "use first
match" rulesets. A few that need to be are "concatenate all matches" (such
as where to archive mail, spam actions list, where to send postmaster
notices, things like that).

>  in which case does a default entry need to appear at the
>bottom of the file e.g.
>From:        test at    yes
>From:       default                    no
>From:        *        yes
>Will the apply?

The "default" value is always read by the ruleset compiler, so it doesn't
matter where it appears.
Julian Field
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