Exim support in 4.10-1

Stephen Lee splee at PLEXIO.COM
Tue Dec 3 18:54:48 GMT 2002

On Tue, 2002-12-03 at 10:45, Julian Field wrote:
> At 18:37 03/12/2002, you wrote:
> >I just tried to install the Redhat version of MS 4.10-1 on a Redhat7.3
> >system running Exim 3.36. The Perl modules install fine but the
> >install.sh scripts stops near the end and complains about a sendmail
> >dependency. Am I suppose to adjust something in the install.sh script or
> >the mailscanner rpm? My version of Exim originates from source and not
> >an rpm.
> Good point. I should remove the dependency. Try this:
>          rpm -Uvh --nodeps mailscanner*rpm
> which will just tell it to ignore the dependencies.
Just did that and no complaints now. However, it appears that the
initscript, MailScanner, is specific for sendmail. Is there one for
Exim? I had previously hacked one from MS 3.25 to work with Exim.


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