Local Domains

Paul Houselander paul_houselander at BRISTOL-LEA.ORG.UK
Tue Dec 3 15:53:19 GMT 2002

Im trying to recreate the old "Deliver From Local Domains"

Can I just confirm this is correct

I have

Deliver Cleaned Messages = /opt/ms_rulesets/deliver.clean.rules

and in deliver.clean.rules I have

To:    *@abc.co.uk    yes
To:    *@xyz.com      yes
To:    default            no

Will this deliver cleaned messages to abc.co.uk and xyz.co.uk (domains I
look after) but not deliver for a cleaned mail to any other domain? Do I
need to set explicit

From:    *@abc.co.uk no
From:    *@xyz.co.uk no
From:    default     yes

as well?


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