ANNOUNCE: Version 4.10-1 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Dec 3 09:49:08 GMT 2002

Morning all,

I have just released version 4.10-1.

Most important in this new version are the addition of Exim support, and
the addition of a package designed for SuSE Linux 8.0 and 8.1.

There are also many other changes and additions as requested by all sorts
of people.

You can download it all as usual from

The full ChangeLog is this:

New in Version 4.10
- Exim supported as well as sendmail.
- I can now accept credit card donations.
- Numerous minor changes to ease transition from V3 to V4.
- Logging improvements to differentiate between initial scanning,
disinfection and re-scanning passes over each batch.
- Logging improvements to spam detection when not using SpamAssassin.
- HTML messages containing IFrame tags can be converted to plain text and
then delivered normally.
- Fixed df2mbox script for new spam dir layout and included it in the
- Another improvement to the F-Prot output parser.
- "Silent Viruses" list is no longer case insensitive.
- NOTE: Important fix for latest versions of Kaspersky.
- Fixed bug where properly disinfectable attachments could bypass filename
- Re-wrote pipe code in RBL and SpamAssassin checking, as it occasionally
fails badly for unknown reasons for 1 user.
- Reduced default maximum number of unscanned messages per batch, as these
users were actually running out of file handles.
- Improved comments for "Virus Scanning" option in mailscanner.conf file.
- Moved all static output strings into languages.conf for translation.
MailScanner should now be properly multi-lingual (several at the same time!).
- Added Danish translation (not quite complete, a few still in English).
- Added Italian translation.
- Fixed "Spam Bounce to" logging problem.
- SpamScore header doesn't appear when message is whitelisted.
- SpamCheck header always starts with "spam" or "not spam".
- Run-time selection of Exim vs Sendmail.
- Spam headers now obey "Multiple Headers" configuration option.
- Improved RedHat init.d script to allow local customisation of dir.
- Slight path correction in sophos-autoupdate.
- Reverted to having 1 PID file instead of a PID dir. Killing the parent
will kill the children. Please use "kill" and not "kill -9" as it will do a
better job.
- Linux init.d script improved so that stop, restart, reload and status
should work better.
- Linux distribution now contains QuickInstall.txt instructions.
- Slightly improved wording of spam logging.
- Several warnings fixed.
- Configuration compiler now locks all config files as they are read, so
that if you use "Restart Every" to restart frequently with config files
updated by other scripts, you can simply copy the file-locking code from
one of the autoupdate scripts and the same protection will be provided
against reading config files while they are being updated.
- Added Romanian translation of reports.
- WinEvar added to default list of silent viruses.
- .ceo added to default list of banned filename extensions for attachments.
- Notices can now be sent to multiple recipients (space-separated list).
- F-Prot autoupdate script changed for different (ftp) fallback server, and
improved error logging.
- IFrame and Object Codebase tags only allowed if all recipients+sender
agree that they should be allowed.
- Added Posix setsigmask() calls to work around bug in Perl shipped with
Solaris 9 which doesn't reset the blocked-signals mask properly.
- Bug fixed to correctly handle messages with no headers at all.
- McAfee autoupdate script now prints McAfee version number when it tries
to run McAfee to test the updated pattern files.
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