Quarantine Web Interface

Riccardo Cozzani ric at COZZANI.NET
Mon Dec 2 15:42:04 GMT 2002

Hello all,

> How hard would it be to code a web interface to view the mails in
> quarantine and present a "drop" or "relase" option for the viewer?

We've hacked just a little bit into the code of mailscanner to do what we
consider sufficient for our users. If you like our solution, and if you
understand something in my bad english, we could give more details.

Out Mailscanner now works like this:

- when it creates the warning message, it writes the list of the recipients
into a separate file associeated with the id of the message;

- the warning message contains a link constructed with the name of a php page
on our webserver, the date ($datenumber), the message id ($id) and the
recipient ($to);

- the recipient click on the link;

- the script writes the query into a mysql table and tells the user that the
orignal message is sent to him;

- a cronjob on the antivirus server run a query on the mysql server and if
there are new requests, does some checks and then send to the recipient the
original message with the subject changed.

However it is not possible that a message is sent to someone different to the
original recipients.


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