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Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Dec 2 15:29:20 GMT 2002

I have just downloaded a fresh copy of the Small Business Edition and it
makes no mention of any of these URL's. Where did you get them from?
I have just run my latest f-prot-autoupdate script and it works fine.

At 12:07 02/12/2002, you wrote:
>Hello Julian, it's me again.
>There are some issues in the script:
>1 - f-prot download URL have changed.
>You should use in Fetch sub
>for file and
>2 - FallbackServer is also no more working.
>you can suppress it (I didn't find any alternative URL).
>I have tested this modifications : they are working.
>PS : the warn instruction in BailOut sub gives a strange
>Perl like message to the user : I first thought that there
>was a script error before searching anything else !!
>Best regards. Mailscanner is a very good tool.
>Christophe Ruhlmann
>mailto:christophe.ruhlmann at

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