Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Mon Dec 2 00:18:36 GMT 2002

Here's my take on it...

I use SpamCop, Osirusoft, and relays.ordb.org and block over 1000
connections a day.  If I have a problem with a reputable email coming
in, I can selectively add that server to my /etc/mail/access and let it
come through.  It is the responsibility of the mail admin on the other
end to fix their security problems rather than me open my system up to a
potential attack from their server(s).  It is also their resposibility
to have themselves removed from the databases they are listed in.  I
like the fact that SpamCop is a dynamic list and offending servers are
removed within a few days after a dish of spam has outlived the queue.
At least that's my understanding of it.  Most of my users are
understanding of the measures I take and feel it's worthwhile to have a
legit email blocked once in a blue moon than be overwhelmed with Viagra
ads and teen goat sex.  I rarely have to add servers to my access file
these days.


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I notice a lot of spam is being flagged by SpamAssassin as being listed
by osirusoft.com.   Does anyone have an opinion on the reliability of
this service to reliably flag spam while leaving alone mailings from
reputable companies?

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