Blocking Delivery Status Notifications?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Aug 30 12:08:01 IST 2002

 From the Bat Book (O'Reilly sendmail book), if you rebuild sendmail with
in your Makefile, it should disable all DSN support.

You will probably find your Makefile in one of the obj.* directories in the
sendmail build tree. Build it once using the defaults (as that will also
create the sendmail Makefile specific to your system), then tweak the
Makefile and rebuild just the sendmail binary.

At 10:48 30/08/2002, you wrote:
>I am using a linux box which is connected to the internet as a relay
>to/from an Exchange 2000 server.
>I would like to completely disable (block) all outgoing DSN (Read Receipt
>and DSN messages (your message has been successfully delivered to blah
>Is there a way to reset the flags on the incoming e-mail to prevent
>Exchange from sending these messages?
>I tried to disable this 'feature' in Exchange 2000 first but it doesn't
>seem possible.
>Also I would like to disable to non-delivery messages. We have lots of ND
>messages as a result of spam to invalid e-mail adresses.
>Thanks for any input given!
>Best regards,

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