Blocking Delivery Status Notifications?

Remco Barendse mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO
Fri Aug 30 10:48:49 IST 2002


I am using a linux box which is connected to the internet as a relay
to/from an Exchange 2000 server.

I would like to completely disable (block) all outgoing DSN (Read Receipt
and DSN messages (your message has been successfully delivered to blah

Is there a way to reset the flags on the incoming e-mail to prevent
Exchange from sending these messages?

I tried to disable this 'feature' in Exchange 2000 first but it doesn't
seem possible.

Also I would like to disable to non-delivery messages. We have lots of ND
messages as a result of spam to invalid e-mail adresses.

Thanks for any input given!

Best regards,

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