Mailscanner consuming resources

Phil Kendall philk at TCP.NET.UK
Thu Aug 29 09:27:43 IST 2002

Usualy about twice a day I am getting a problem with mailscanner where
it will fail to sweep a message correctly and the message will never
leave the mailscanner/incoming directory. The load averages the machine
will reach up to and over 1.0. During this time the top two processes
are mailscanner and sweep.

To bring the load averages down I have to go into the
/var/spool/ directory and delete both the qf and df files for
the message that is 'stuck'.

I am running mailscanner-3.15-3 with Sophos on Solaris 8 on an intel

Has anyone else come across this, or know what might be causing it?

Phil Kendall
Technical Systems Administrator
Total Connectivity Providers

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