Virtual postmaster@ ?

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Wed Aug 28 22:36:09 IST 2002

oops...sorry :)

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Again, this is a feature that is on the list for the next major version.

At 21:46 28/08/2002, you wrote:
>Would it be possible to have a different postmaster@ notified when a virus
>is detected in an email destined for a particular domain?
>For example:
>         Email comes in to user at dom1.ain with a virus
>         admin at dom1.ain gets notified
>         Email comes in to user at dom2.ain with a virus
>         admin at dom2.ain gets notified
>The reason I ask is that I host email for a lot of domains and I'd like
>the admins of those domains to know that the MailScanner
>that I run is working for them.  Is this beyond normal reason?

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