Virus whitelist option?

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Fri Aug 23 16:23:12 IST 2002

Another aim for the next version is user and/or domain level control of the
"Virus Scanning" switch, so you will be able to do this.

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>Hello all,
>I'm using mailscanner with great ease and really love it. (99% of the
>users also ;-)) but, some users are subscribed to mailinglist like bugtraq
>The domain is in the spam whitelist, but every now and
>then mailscanner rejects some emails because an scanner reports it
>contains and exploit/virus/trojan etc.
>I was wondering if there is a general intrest to create an whitelist
>option that will bypass both spam AND virus checking for some source
>and/or destination addresses.
>- From my perspective (small userbase) i would seem most ideal to exclude
>based on both sender and receiver address i.e:
>From: * && To: sjcjonker at
>What's the general opinion in this regards?
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>Stijn Jonker <SJCJonker at>
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>Outlook Express is actually an incredibly effective virus distribution
>system which only pretends to be an email program.
>[by Eric Lee]
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