Different delivery path of RBL checks?

Tom Tilmant tom at tilmant.com
Tue Aug 20 18:46:21 IST 2002

Mailscanner team,

Forgive me if this already exists, but I could not find it in the
mailscanner.conf file.  Is it possible to give and different delivery path
for items that have been tagged as Spam by RBL checks like we can for
items tagged by SA.  For example, I am receiving text base mail that is
tagged as Spam because it was found at spamcop.net, but because it is
text, its given low or no points by SA.  So I can not use the SA option to
send mail over 10 points to a different delivery path (i.e. quarantine). 
If this isn’t possible to do, can if be an added feature?


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