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S Mohan smohan at VSNL.COM
Fri Aug 9 01:16:48 IST 2002

I've been following this thread since my post. I missed out a couple of
things which worked in favour of Openwebmail for me.
1. Neat User interface. Looks better than SquirrelMail my other choice.
2. Excellent search and filtering facility. I did not look for this
feature when I chose openwebmail but it has turned out to be a killer
feature on use. Works Like the Find function on messages in Outlook.
3. Multi-domain support. I run a multi-domain mailing system and each
domain can have different defaults. It allows email id based login as in
such an environment, the <username> in the email id and the real
username are different.
4. I found the filter rule to weed out virus/ SPAM (when used with
Mailscanner) based om subject tag.
5. The best use of screen real estate.
6. Minimal or full header display toggle which allows a user to trace
mail origin in case he gets junk mail.

Many of these features helped me let users understand mailing better as
they did not have to go thro' the pain of editing with vi, seeing
maillogs, message transcripts etc.

While I did try IMP, I had problems installing it on a RH 6.2 m/c. Did
not go thro' easily on dependencies. As of now, I think only Openwebmail
provides multi-domain per domain configuration.


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I use Endymion Mailman and have been happy with it for years.



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> Hi.
> I found a page in CRU.FR which talks about programs for mail access
through web gateways
> (it's basically a comparison of characteristis):
> http://www.cru.fr/http-mail/
> Salu2.
>         José Antonio

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