Logging Problems

Michael Dahlberg dahlberg at BUCKNELL.EDU
Thu Aug 8 11:47:33 IST 2002

After upgrading to Mailscanner 3.22-10 and the latest set of Solaris 8
patches, I'm getting no Mailscanner logging information.  (1) Syslog
does not start with the '-t' option (2) I'm using Sendmail 8.12.4, not
the one installed with Solaris.  In mailscanner.conf I kept logging set
to mail and tried "HUP"ing syslogd...no luck.  I set logging to local4
in mailscanner.conf and setup syslog to log local4, priority debug to
/var/log/mscanlog and HUP'ed syslogd...no luck.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Michael Dahlberg
Systems Integrator
Bucknell University
dahlberg at bucknell.edu

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