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Chris Waltham chris at HARVESTROAD.COM
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I've had good experiences with IMP by the Horde guys (www.horde.org I
think). You need PHP and IMAP though, and it probably doesn't work for IIS..

At 09:34 PM 7/08/2002, you wrote:
>Avoid all. They all stink
>I have had lots of experience with squirrel mail, neomail and Joydesk.
>They all have their quirks. Neomail was my favorite out of the 3, but
>still stinks. Squirrel was great but real slow. Joydesk has a message
>board, calendar and Outlook synchronizing feature, a feature rich webmail
>app that uses interbase instead of MYSQL which is really sad.. Microsoft
>Outlook tends to mess things up if you have clients sending and receiving
>with Outlook with any one of those webmail apps I just mentioned. (hint,
>Microsoft RichTextFormat = winmail.dat attachments with blank emails) So,
>it would be a great idea to ask everyone not to use Microsoft Outlook with
>webmail or with anything in that matter. depends on what mode outlook was
>installed in. Internet only or exchange. It is fixable and there are
>workarounds, but its not worth the sweat and time to play help desk over a
>Outlook issue. Confusing as hell
>My company and I are removing our web based mail because its just not
>perfect enough to satisfy everyone. Currently Joydesk from
><http://www.virtualtek.com>www.virtualtek.com ..  Qpopper, sendmail with
>mailscanner and spamassassin, in my opinion, is the best stable way to go
>for now. I cannot seem to find any other webmail better than any of those
>3 I mentioned above. And the author of Neomail himself says webmail sucks.
>Matt Doherty
>IT Dept
>Datawatch Corp
> >>In a world without walls or fences, who needs Windows and Gates?<<
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>Please forgive the off topic question...
>I'm looking for recommendations for an open source unix-hosted
>webmail package. What's your favorite? Which ones should I avoid?
>Please reply directly to me -- so I can minimize my OT foot print 8-).

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