Klez-G obscuring From addresses?

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Tue Apr 30 10:06:22 IST 2002

Todd Martin wrote:
> We've received a relatively high number of Klez-G attempts over the
> last few days.
> I noticed this particular virus appears to hide the name of the
> sender by forging the from address. MailScanner knows who really sent
> it because the postmaster notification shows the right sender
> (envelope-from?).
> I've also seen a positive correlation between the forged from address
> and the to address. Several of the incoming virus look to be from
> users in our domain. This brought on a little finger-pointing and
> panic.

I think you'll find Klez picks both the From: and To: addresses from the
address book on the victim's machine. I had a case yesterday where
boyfriend suggested that girlfriend's PC was infected. Closer examination
of the headers revealed that actually it's boyfriend's PC that's infected!
Oh dear!



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