Non permitted file endings attached to "Text Only" Outlook e-mails

Julian Field jkf at
Fri Apr 26 15:32:52 IST 2002

I can't manage to reproduce this problem. If I set Outlook to Text Only and
insert an attachment, it still generates a MIME message (being the only
proper way to do it), which MailScanner successfully detects and disinfects.

At 13:59 26/04/2002, you wrote:
>This is still causing a problem - any body got any ideas? :o(
>Has anybody else experienced this problem?
>"VBS scripts or non permitted file endings, when attached to an MS
>Outlook "Text only" e-mail get through to the recipient with the
>attachment in tact! If you switch to "HTML" and send again the
>attachment is stripped and the appropriate VirusWarning.txt is added as
>an attachment.
>In "Text Only" mode Mailscanner is identifying the message as an
>undesirable packet as the sender and the server postmaster are both
>notified that a virus was sent and detected.
>Anybody got a fix?
>Mike Walker
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