Mailscanner logging and MRTG

Mike Wallis mike at UNIXSECURITY.ORG
Thu Apr 25 20:52:08 IST 2002

I got bored this morning and decided to try setting up our MRTG to graph
Mailscanner info. So, I grabbed the Perl script and the sample config
files, which all look fine. However, none of the "mailscanner" strings
the Perl script is looking for appear to be present in either my
maillog, or syslog.

So, the obvious question is: What do I need to do to get Mailscanner to
log something besides startup/shutdown, since that appears to be the
only thing Mailscanner related in my logs?

Mailscanner: 3.13-2
Sendmail: 8.11.6
OS: RH 7.2

Mike Wallis
mw at

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