HowTo improve mailscanner under load

Mohamed M. Abbas mmabbas at LONGWOOD.LWC.EDU
Thu Apr 25 18:55:44 IST 2002

Hello All,

We've just put mailscanner (after some testing) into a production system
for about 2 days, and it does not seem to keep the pace with incoming
email's. The directory would have about 1200 messages and
would be like that for a while, and messages take a long time to be
scanned and moved to the mqueue directory for delivery. Just for
reference, we have about 70,000 messages coming through our box daily.

I've configured mailscanner with the following settings:

Deliver In Background = yes
Delivery Method = queue
Max Unsafe Messages Per Scan = 50

Is there anything else that I can do to make mailscanner process

Thanks in advance...

Mohamed M. Abbas
mmabbas at
System Administrator
Longwood College

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