Whats your config like..

Kelly Hamlin fizz at BOMB.NET
Thu Apr 25 13:28:22 IST 2002

Im running a  Dual 266 / 512 Megs Ram, on Slackware 8.0
I process anywhere between 25 and 35 thousand emails a day.

My question to you is.. What is your setup like and how many emails do you

Reason im curious is for the last 4 days ive come in to about 10k messages
queued up. Its like it just stops working. If i disable spam checks it will
clear the queue within about an hour, but what i wanna know is how i can
keep it running fast, even with spam checks as our customers have grown to
love this feature.

Ive installed Named on this machine so it doesnt have to rely on our busy
primary and secondary name server for lookups, but in all honesty it hasnt
helped a bit.

I have sendmail set to 20 children, im using Queue delivery method, and
deliver in background. I didnt have this problem except like onec a week
untill the beginning of this week where its constantly getting bogged down.

Any insight/thoughts/ideas would be great.

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