Klez Virus get Passed !

Michael Chan michael at evstar.com.hk
Wed Apr 24 16:06:49 IST 2002

Dear all ,

       All the exe , pif , scr , com has been stopped by the MailScanner
without any problem , but today the virus "Klez" virus pass the checking of
MailScanner , I found this is the raw data of the message :

Content-Type: audio/x-midi ;
        name=Product Catalogue(1).scr
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-ID: <Wi1Ny441h56355a>

    I know this is the problem of "outlook express" which automatically
execute the attachment in the message , but can I stop it using MailScanner

    can Anybody tell me the solution ? Thank you !

Michael Chan

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