SpamAssassin MySQL support in Mailscanner

Kip Turk nospam at WCC.NET
Tue Apr 23 17:04:48 IST 2002

Is there any way to use the SpamAssassin MySQL support in MailScanner?
I've dug through the, but it's a bit over my head.  In the
spamd code, I found this subroutine which seems to do the work:

sub handle_user_sql
    $current_user = shift;
    $spamtest->load_scoreonly_sql ($current_user);
    return 1;

I don't have to have the MySQL support, but I do need to allow
blacklists/whitelists on a per user basis.  Currently, mailscanner only
checks ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs for the user I run it as.  That means
that everyone would get the same options.  I already have code in place
that allows users to create a user_prefs file or a sql entry, I just
need to know how to get to it.  My only other option at this point is to
turn off spamassassin in mailscanner, then jump through a "local
delivery" with procmail to get the call as the correct user, then
forward it on to final delivery (which is not on the scanning system).

If this is confusing, blame my allergies and the drugs I'm on.  Trying
to wrap my head around problems while in this state is decidely
suboptimal, but the world doesn't seem to want to stop on my behalf.
Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

dazed and confused,
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