MailScanner slowed by large attachments

Arthur Longhurst al at ORC.SOTON.AC.UK
Fri Apr 19 16:22:54 IST 2002

I run mailscanner on RedHat 7 with SophosAV. We are having problems with
mail being delayed intermittently up to 2 hours. It seems that I can
reproduce the symptoms by sending an email with a large (4Mb) attachment.
All the mail then gets queued (viewing maillog entries) and takes ages to
be dealt with until the large attachment has gone through.

Looking at "top" the machine doesn't appear to be under undue strain but
the mail gets slowed down tremendously.

Any ideas how to solve this apart from telling the punters not send large
email attachments :o)

All the best - Art

Optoelectronic Research Centre Network Manager

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