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Thu Apr 18 11:39:33 IST 2002

At 10:57 18/04/2002, you wrote:
>You may recall my recent posting to the list re. the _exact_ name of the
>Sophos AV product that you need to run with MailScanner under RedHat
>Linux 7.2. I received no replies with a direct answer and one which
>indirectly mentions SAVI. I would still like that information!

You need a SAVI licence. This is priced per PC you are protecting with the 

>We need this detail in order to navigate the almost inpenetrable mess of
>contradictory information from Sophos, its resellers and CHEST regarding
>pricing for Sophos AV products.

I know what you mean, you would never believe that some of these companies 
were actually trying to sell anything!

>We want to run Sophos AV with MailScanner on just 4 Central Mail Hubs
>through which run all mail to/from this campus. Checked mail from these
>Hubs may then be delivered to perhaps 50 Mailbox Servers on campus which
>in turn are accessed from 3,000+ PC and other workstations. These client
>hosts are shared by 6 users on average to read e-mail, etc.
>In all 18,000 users would benefit from the 4 copies of Sophos AV (SAVI?)
>running on our Mail Hubs. But the pricing information we have seen
>sometimes is based on number of servers/PCs and sometimes on number of
>users. It is not clear to us whether we should be seeking a 4-server
>licence, a 50-server licence, a 3,000-PC licence or an 18,000 user

You can buy an unlimited licence from them, which with educational 
discounts should only cost something in the region of £2K per year. This 
gets you SAVI for all users, plus desktop Sophos for all your PCs including 
all those owned by students and staff. That's the licence we have here.

>Of course I am looking at this from just our side of our Mail Hubs.
>Since outgoing mail will also be checked by the Sophos AV package then
>potentially millions of off-campus users "benefit" from the software!

Don't tell them that, it will just confuse the issue :)

>Any information, advice or experience that you can offer on this would
>be gratefully received. If you feel that it is appropriate to edit and
>re-post this enquiry to the list under your own name then that is fine.

If you still can't get anywhere, I can have a dig and see who did the 
purchasing for our entire campus for this product. You could then contact them.
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