Sophos with Debian packages

Ben Tullis ben.tullis at INFOMATRIX.COM
Thu Apr 18 10:39:57 IST 2002

I am preparing for the Debian 3.0 release which includes MailScanner and
have a query regarding the Sophos integration.

So far, I have been using the tarballs downloaded from
and in order to install Sophos I have used the Sophos.install.linux script
provided with them.

When I move over to Debian 3.0 and start downloading them as part of the
package tree, these scripts are no longer present.

I am therefore trying to ascertain the correct arguments to give to the script provided with SAV. Mailscanner and the autoupdate script
want Sophos to be in /usr/local/Sophos and I don't want intercheck to be
installed so I have tried:

./ -d /usr/local/Sophos -ni

but I get complaints about missing virus data and the autoupdate script is
unable to determine Sophos version number.

I have also tried copying the Sophos.install script from the other
distribution but this doesn't work either. Any clues?

Thank you.

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