Sophos / McAfee

David Pollard david.pollard at MERIDIANINFO.COM
Fri Apr 12 06:44:41 IST 2002

Hi Dan,

A Sophos sales guy finally ran be back and as suspected they wanted a
license for every user in the place and this would blow my budget.

f-prot are ok with a single user license on the Linux server?


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Sophos will only license "per user"

In my case I am only interested in scanning the linux mail server ( We
have other Win enterprise antivirus)

The f-prot product is the only affordable option in my case.

It is running quite well.

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, David Pollard wrote:

> Hi There,
> I have a test system up and running with Sophos but I'm having a hard
> time finding a single user price for Linux(or in fact any pricing at
> all).  Their sales guys don't want to talk to me because I don't want
> buy a copy for every machine in the place.
> I have also been digging around on McAfee / Network Associates web
> for pricing but can't figure out which product to use on Linux?
> Can someone give me a point in the right direction please?
> David Pollard.

Dan Kubilos     __\o_ ^
K-8 Tech Coord

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