SpamAssassin Version issue

Michael Bush mikeb at DIGITALMINDS.NET
Wed Apr 10 16:22:55 IST 2002

I have had Mailscanner running great for sometime now.  However, since the
new feature of using SpamAssassin, I have been unable to get SpamAssassin
to work with MailScanner.

I have installed all of the latest SpamAssassin modules successfully with
no error messages.

However, when I set the parameter in mailscanner.confwq:

Use SpamAssassin = yes

I get the following message when starting mailscanner:

Starting MailScanner: FATAL: Newer Mail::SpamAssassin module needed:
Mail::SpamAssassin is only 2.01-- 2.1 required at
/usr/local/MailScanner/bin/ line 60.

Any guidiance on correcting the issue and getting SpamAssassin up and
running is greatly appreciated.


Michael Bush


Digital Minds International
E-Mail: MikeB at
Tel:    (615) 661-7900
Fax:    (615) 661-7949

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