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Julian Field jkf at
Mon Apr 8 12:15:51 IST 2002

At 13:39 26/03/2002, you wrote:
>Would be very useful to be able to configure/turn on/turn off features on
>a domain by domain basis.

Per-domain control of lots of configuration options is something that is
definitely on my list, when I have time. Unfortunately I am really busy on
other work projects at the moment, so the time I have for implementing new
features is rather limited :-(

> want .exe attachments but no one else does
> have their own local tech support so I want VirusWarning.txt
>and the body signature to give a message advising to contact local tech
>Does anyone else think this would be useful?
>Has anyone written any patches to achieve this? my perl knowledge is not
>at a level where I would feel confident doing this myself.
>The Scan/Skip Ruleset feature mentioned in the "Plans for the Next
>Version" would be useful as well.
>Paul Houselander
>Network & Intranet Support Officer
>Bristol City Council

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